In 2024, WeTambara became an indispensable resource for teaching computer science, combining technological innovation and advanced teaching methodologies to address modern educational challenges.

High schools and Universities

For schools and universities, WeTambara enables the management of digital classrooms and accounts for teachers and users.

Computer science departments also use WeTambara to improve learning outcomes and facilitate exam management.

Training courses and businesses

For training schools offering courses to learn coding, WeTambara is perfect.

To enhance computer literacy among their employees, numerous companies have formed strategic partnerships with WeTambara.

Optimizes time

With WeTambara, you save time in the creation and assignment of exercises and in the grading of tests.

Its strength lies in automated assessment based on test cases and AI.

Revolution in the field of education

WeTambara is an innovative platform for computer science teachers that facilitates teaching through interactive exercises, immediate feedback, automated grading, and the use of artificial intelligence for problem-solving.

By integrating advanced teaching methodologies like active learning, it helps keep students focused and motivated.

The integrated AI provides personalized support, making learning easier.